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Hi, I’m Rukia, and welcome to the highlights of my life.

I am a second year Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology Ph.D. student at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, focusing on cancer biology research.

Life with Rukia was born out of the desire to document aspects of my life as I navigate through graduate school and beyond. When I made the decision to pursue a doctoral graduate degree in the STEM field, I was submitting applications to medical school. And part of my delay in deciding to pursue a doctoral degree was the fact that I didn’t even consider it a suitable career option for myself.

Growing up in Guyana, the picture I had in my mind of what a scientist looked like was nothing like what I saw in the mirror. A major deterrent in wanting to conduct doctoral research was due to the fact that I did not see scientists who looked liked myself or were from the Caribbean.

My ultimate desire is to create content that not only showcases the amazing world of science and my pursuit of a Ph.D, but also features my love for fashion, beauty, science communication and health. I hope that after visiting this site, young women of color can not only be inspired to know that they can be scientists, but everyone can leave having learned something new and feel empowered.